10 Can’t-Miss Foods in South Carolina

Foods in South Carolina

The region is located in the Southern region of the United States that is located on the eastern coast of the country. Slowly, but steadily, the culture of the South is being carried on in the region. The number of chef’s nationwide, are working on their culinary skills, which will not only bring about a change in the existing menu but also inspire the future generations to take notes. South Carolina region is a hub for all the quintessential flavours of the region, that delights one’s tastebuds.

Shrimps and Grits

The states in this region are generally defined by their scenic waterways and the distinction in their delicacies. A sweet shrimp is the one that adds to the list. It is usually caught at the South Carolina coast and tossed with a creamy delight of buttered grits.

Shrimps and Grits

Boiled Peanuts

Peanuts are a native snack to the land. They’re’ either savoured raw, generally by taking out the shells and eating them as they are, or are boiled with salt water. Since it is native to the land, it is of top-most quality, with tender shells on the outside and juicy nuts on the inside. They’re generally spotted roadside, sold by street vendors, at shops on the pavement or during specific festivals.

Crab soup

Usually, a hard, blue shell, female crab is required for making a creamy, crab soup. The ingredients, along with the meat, boil down to a delicious soup with a comforting taste that is generally unique to the region and is almost impossible to fetch for, along the northern coast.

Crab soup

Collard Greens

Resultants in the region are generally themed of farm-to-restaurant, which makes use of fresh greens and that is slow-cooked with a choice of meat and finished off with a dash of vinegar.


This is another staple vegetable of the region that can be cooked to a variety of dishes which makes every bite of the dish delightful and engaging.


Frogmore stew is one of the best in the Southern region that is simple, yet elegant. It consists of corn on the cob, shrimps, sausage and other delicacies that are generally enjoyed during picnics.


Iced tea

This list is incomplete without mentioning the iced tea that is generally from the native plantations of the region. They pick up the classic American tea leaves and add flavouring and sweetener to it, that brings about the entire drink together.

Hoppin’ John

It is a simple, traditional and a homely dish that comprises of peas, black-eyed peas, with veggies, bacon and a homegrown variant of rice. They’re cooked especially on the New Year’s as a sign to bring luck to the year.

Hoppin' John


They’re grown (cultivated) throughout the Southern region and are eaten raw by the handful, or they’re traditionally baked into creamy pie’s which are coated and roasted with brown sugar topping. A great thing to finish this off with is a nice hot coffee. Even get one where they decorate the top using a coffee stencil.


Pork is the one meat that dominates the South Carolina barbeque culture. Some creamy sauces with the meat like mustard, tomato, topped off with vinegar are a must-have while in the states.

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