Traditional Italian Desserts You Need To Try

Italian Desserts

Italy is not just about pizza’s, plates of pasta and places or sight-seeing, but it’s also about their sweets. Like any other country, Italy has its share of sweet tooth delicacies that are exceptionally delightful and a treat to the tastebuds. In this article, we’ll discuss the traditional Italian sweets that you ought to make room for, even if you’ve had your share of pizzas and pasta.


They’re deep-fried dough balls that comprise of a crunchy texture on the outside and a soft mushy texture on the inside. They usually have a cinnamon flavouring, an orange and are accompanied by sprinkles.



It is a semi-frozen dessert that has the consistency between a sorbet, an Italian ice cream and a gelato. The texture is soft and gooey, and any flavouring can be added to this dessert, that includes lemon juice, mandarin oranges and berries and mints.


Tiramisu is not unknown to the world, especially sweet-tooth. It translates to “pick me up” in English and does justice to the word. It is an espresso filled delight that solves all your problems.



These yet again, another deep-fried delight that is made of pastry dough. This dessert originated in Sicily, and they generally consist of a filling of ricotta.


An ice-cream with a chocolate filling is a dream. Not until you’ve tried the Tartufo. It consists of ice cream with a gooey filling of chocolate (fruits if you’re health concision) that are generally mixed by hand.

Marrons glaces

If you love the chestnut, then you’ll love this dessert by default, because it is a sugar-coated sweet which is again glazed with sugar syrup. They’re mesmerizing alone, or other desserts can even accompany them.

Marrons glaces


It’s an Italian form of baked tart that dates back to 1400 Italy. They’re generally filled with a favourite fruit or even with ricotta.


If you’re not a fan of the decadent, creamy, fruity, gooey desserts and you’re looking for something simple, yet satisfying, and then this is the one for you. It’s made of flaky dough that is also flattened using a pasta maker, into the shape of a lobster tail. It’s like eating flaky, delicious sweet bread.


They’re the Italian dessert form of biscuits, and they’re especially called “cantuccini”. These are eaten as they are- or they’re also cherished when they’re dipped into a beverage like tea or coffee.


Neapolitan ice cream

Although it is an Italian dessert, it is named for the Naples. It consists of layers of the strawberry, chocolate and the vanilla layers that also resemble the Italian flag in the form of a dessert.


This dessert is best served with a beverage- tea or coffee. Sometimes they’re even served with wine or as a sweet treat after a meal. There are endless options for the filling and people can often experiment with different combinations of it – including fruits, nuts, spices and other fillings.

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